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The Native Studies Research Network

Seventh London Colloquium

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Institute of the Americas


Panel 1: Borders and Boundaries:

CHAIR: Stephanie Pratt

  • Angela Sparks (Hertfordshire): ‘“They huffed and they puffed and they blew the house down”: Reading the Home as a Site of Indigenous and Settler Anxiety’
  • Emily Magrath (Aberdeen): ‘“I run over the President of the US that time!”: Traversing and Protecting the Borders of Indigenous Identity in early Twentieth century Oklahoma’
  • Robin White (Goldsmiths): ‘Métis Identity: Literary, Historical, and Contemporaneous Resistance’

Panel 2: Indigenous Identities:

CHAIR: Jacqueline Fear-Segal

  • Deborah Toner (Leicester): ‘Origins, Traditions and Authenticities: Pulque and Indigeneity in Mexican History and Heritage’
  • Harriet Smart (Sheffield): ‘Xiuhmolpilli, the Aztec New Fire Ceremony: an imperial ritual?’
  • Gareth Clayton (UEA and University of Victoria, Canada): ‘A Return to the Inner Harbour: Coast Salish war canoe races as a very public display of indigenous identity’

Panel 3: Textual Politics:

CHAIR: Rebecca Tillett

  • Maggie Bowers (Portsmouth): ‘Negotiating European Modernity in Native American Culture’
  • Jake-Barrett-Mills (UEA): ‘“It isn’t polite to ask questions”: Leslie Marmon Silko’s subversive histories in Gardens in the Dunes’
  • Sharon Holm (York): ‘“Wolf Girl Rewrites the Tundra”: Temporal frameworks, Inuit Sovereignty, and Biocultural Rights in dg nanouk okpik’s corpse whale’