WELCOME to the Native Studies Research Network UK!

We are a group of UK-based scholars whose research focuses on those indigenous peoples who remain under conditions of colonisation, primarily in the Americas but also looking towards a wider area that incorporates Australia, New Zealand and other ‘New World’ regions.

Our Mission Statement gives further details of our principal aims, namely to foster dicussion, facilitate a dynamic and productive research culture, share resources, and disseminate and promote the research of UK based scholars.

Every year we hold either a colloquium to discuss research in progress (in London in September) , or an international conference (at a UK university) where we seek to develop critical discourses related to indigenous studies both within the UK and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

Our principal aims are as follows:

  1. To provide a stimulating interactive discussion forum for UK scholars: 
    The NSRN email list has been established as a forum through which members can develop and discuss research ideas, and locate interested participants for collaborative projects. Since many of us have been exceptionally isolated, this is particularly significant!
  2. To facilitate a productive research culture for UK scholars through the organisation of a range of research activities and strategies:
    The NSRN plans to run an ongoing series of workshops, colloquia, and symposia to facilitate interaction among UK scholars. The Network currently has a healthy and very welcome postgraduate membership of almost 25%, and symposia etc. will encourage papers on work in progress/in new fields in order to foster a supportive environment and to emphasise constructive debate and feedback for all members. As this has perhaps not always been the experience of scholars of Native Studies within mainstream scholarly forums, this aspect of the Network is especially important! In this context, the NSRN respects and is committed to a range of disciplinary/interdisciplinary approaches and points of view, which retain a sensitivity to Native concerns.
  3. To constructively link teaching and research through a sharing of resources, information and strategies:
    In this context, the NSRN hopes to compile a collection of members’ research interests for the purposes of scholarly interaction and colloquium/symposium planning. Such a collection would also enable members to easily identify those with similar research interests for collaborative projects. Since research and teaching are so interdependent, a sharing of sources and resources would be most useful to all members, perhaps especially a sharing of strategies and approaches to material and ideas. The email discussion forum is the ideal place to share all such information.
  4. To disseminate and promote the research of UK scholars:
    The NSRN plans a range of publications through which to disseminate the output of colloquia and symposia, which will prove most useful as a collection of UK research ideas and responses to Native Studies. Most importantly, the NSRN plans to interact with a range of interested overseas research groups, through which to facilitate an international dialogue with UK research ideas and researchers. Since many Native groups within the US and elsewhere are currently looking towards wider and more international interactions, this is a pertinent and exciting moment to establish a Network in the UK.

composed by Dr. Jacqueline Fear-Segal and Dr Rebecca Tillett

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